I always wondered how God made everything in six short days. But forget it all.  Forget the cold expanses of nothingness punctuated by hot balls of fusion, the icy surfaces of wandering rocks, the steaming equatorial greens of habitable planets, the beautiful blue virgin skies before there were eyes to see.  Six stopped at six. … Continue reading

Writing as Art, & Aggregate Demand

I made some sort of promise – to whom, it’s entirely unclear – that I would discontinue the nasty habit of blogging my musings on various things philosophical or ideological.  Not that I would sever such topics from my sphere of thought, but that I would distinguish items fit for private compilation (assumably of interest … Continue reading


I made a playlist out of songs that have city names (and other locations) in their titles.  There’s a surprising amount of good stuff (Hello Seattle (Owl City (yes, I’m using the dreaded nested parentheses)), Campfire Kansas (The Get Up Kids), San Joaquin (Computer vs. Banjo)……….Helena (mY XxcHemiCalxX roMaNcE)) to be found! Above convolution of … Continue reading

Gone away is the bluebird.

Just now this came up on my iTunes.  It made me happy: Just getting settled into the city now.  My flight over here was monstrously delayed – in the end, I left almost a full day after schedule.  I spent an abbreviated sleepness night crossing the Atlantic and arrived here early Monday morning, at which … Continue reading

My Public Transit Dream

Well.  Here I am, writing another post in North American Central Standard Time.  The plane I was going to take to Dallas never landed because visibility lost the fight with fog today.  Gotta love prudence.  (But really, pilot-man/woman?  What were you worried about, crashing into the other one plane in Des Moines International?) So I’m … Continue reading