4:55 PM

Exhibit 1: Winter in the Midwest.  Frozen.  Numb.  I feel for the walking man in the square black box.  Thankfully, in two short days I’ll be here!……

Not really.  I am, however, getting ready to leave tomorrow for a semester in London [photo not available].  I’ve actually not flown anywhere by myself before, so this will be something new. Unless continental drift gets pretty aggressive, I won’t see Iowa again until May.  Goodbye, normal English.  Goodbye Fahrenheit temperature scale and beloved customary system.

Things about which I feel excitement:
1)  Living in London.
2)  Studying law.
3)  Strangely enough, cooking meals.
4)  Seeing Wicked at West End. (I will do this.  I will do this.)
5)  Going to other countries…like France!  I don’t speak French!
6)  A good excuse to get out of jury duty, should I be called during my sabbatical study abroad.

Things about which I feel reservation:
1)  Getting around in London.
2)  Finding employment.  (As in, still need to find employment.   I’m considering applying for a job as barista…but I’m so underqualified!)
3)  Rooming with another person with the initials DZ.  Who set this up?   A deathmatch for DZ dominance seems all but inevitable.
4)  Pickpockets.

Plane to Dallas leaves at 4:55.


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