My Public Transit Dream

Well.  Here I am, writing another post in North American Central Standard Time.  The plane I was going to take to Dallas never landed because visibility lost the fight with fog today.  Gotta love prudence.  (But really, pilot-man/woman?  What were you worried about, crashing into the other one plane in Des Moines International?)

So I’m leaving tomorrow morning.  Going to eat another last meal, going to say bye to the dad again.  The only potential complication is that I was originally scheduled to land in London at 11am, but now I’m touching down at 11pm.  And then taking an hour-long ride on the underground to my dorm.  Public places are scary at night.  If my public transit dream is to make friends with everyone in my car and break into a spontaneous, perfectly choreographed musical number and my nightmare is to wake up half-dead and penceless outside of a dirty underground station in a strange part of town (which is every part of town), I’ll be very happy to split the difference tomorrow.


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