Gone away is the bluebird.

Just now this came up on my iTunes.  It made me happy:

Just getting settled into the city now.  My flight over here was monstrously delayed – in the end, I left almost a full day after schedule.  I spent an abbreviated sleepness night crossing the Atlantic and arrived here early Monday morning, at which point I was forced to stay awake for an entire day of orientation activities.

Don’t let me linger on the flight, but the other thing of note was that I finally began my long-anticipated reading of The Fountainhead.  The timing couldn’t be better.  Before or after, I might have become infatuated with the lyre of the pages, or conversely rejected everything outright; but I consume it like a yolk sac.

Meeting a good number of people, of course.  Classes haven’t started yet so the international students are all running around having fun.  Not included in the definition of “fun”: paying 7 pounds cover for a bar on Australia Day.


Three cheers for touristy photos.


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