I made a playlist out of songs that have city names (and other locations) in their titles.  There’s a surprising amount of good stuff (Hello Seattle (Owl City (yes, I’m using the dreaded nested parentheses)), Campfire Kansas (The Get Up Kids), San Joaquin (Computer vs. Banjo)……….Helena (mY XxcHemiCalxX roMaNcE)) to be found!

Above convolution of the English language exists not for its own sake, of course.  It’s in fact a symbol for my day.  I deliberately took a random bus this afternoon to get lost and wander around the city (it’s okay, London’s really safe apparently)(although I did have two locations that I wanted to hit up (but only made one)).

Along my journeys I passed King’s College, which, along with a comment I recently received from Beth P stateside, reminded me to check out the London School of Economics public events page – they always have excellent lecturers, and host free weekly classical music concerts (although there are a million free things to do in London [unverified]).

I think my writing is a little frenetic from drinking this fantastic espresso drink at Flat White this afternoon:

It’s a Flat White – their signature drink.  And trust me, this picture does not do justice to the best espresso I’ve ever had.  Bold, with a wicked kick, but incredibly smooth like I could drink it forever.

The other place I really liked was this hole-in-the-wall chess shop.  If you’ve never seen hand carved bud rosewood pieces……… anyway, here is a knight I liked (carved from some exotic light wood I don’t remember).

This was from a £100 set.  There was also an exquisite £300 set…but my liquor bill from last night puts that out of my budget.

Just kidding.  Kind of.

Now looking forward to: seeing Scar die at The Lion King tomorrow.


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