Classes Start Tomorrow! No!!!

Fun day at work.  I got to read a 58 page document of regulatory rules by a UK accreditation body.

I know it’s completely not obvious, but those two sentences are actually not sarcastic.  There are some really interesting issues within credited, non-university education (such as high school education) resulting from the UK being an amalgam of multiple states.  And a new regulatory body created as a result of legislation in 2007 is shaking up the scene by overhauling the old rules.  Fear and unrest shadow the Republic as two Jedi knights head to Coruscant on a rescue mission…

I had a delicious samosa and smoked salmon sandwich for lunch today.  (If I stop writing about food later on this semester, it’s because I’ve run out of money to eat.)

Learn about The First Amendment, then shake your fists at the Roberts court one more time.  Deontologists: never trusted em.

This weekend: headed to Liverpool.  Apparently The Beatles are from around there or something. I fully expect a Hey Jude sing-along at a pub on Saturday night.


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