No 1 London Bridge

Living in a metropolis has its perks.  Granted, there is the part where I spend 60% of my working life running Microsoft Access (and solving simple computer issues to the amazement of my older colleagues), but then I step out of No 1 London Bridge to a brisk evening (not so much a punishing chill as a “wake up – you’re in London, you’re alive!”) and am struck by a view on my right during the quick walk to the tube station:

All museums in London are state sponsored and free to the public.  A friend and I visited Tate Modern on Monday, which was amazing (including a beautiful Monet – but since when was he modern?).  The Brits put on some gutsy galleries: one gallery featured violent ritual art, craft pieces made with real blood, and a video depicting a man tearing apart his face with beautification tools.  You’re confronted with the basic biological impetuses: sex, hunger, violence, survival.  Why do all animals want to survive?  Why does a bacteria want to survive and reproduce?

British English continues to entertain and confuse: I found out during a late night snack conversation yesterday that a man I asked for directions during the day was hitting on me with slang I didn’t understand.  And my boss: it’s funny how we can’t solve the most simple problems sometimes (like finding an outlet for her notebook) because of talking issues.  Which is why it’s sometimes good to listen to American speech again – like Lee Bollinger’s lecture last night at LSE (which started out cold, but got really thought-provoking as he started discussing practical applications of free speech ideals in different parts of the 21st century world).  Also, props to Howard Davies for the line of the night when they were taking questions at the end:

(after calling on another American visiting student)

I’m sorry, Dr. Bollinger.  I do want to get more international questions; and I really thought that I wouldn’t get so many American women if I only picked the well-dressed ones.

(something like that)

Three things I like:

1)  The fancy grilled cheese I made last night.

2)  Learning to live well in the city: doing simple things like grabbing a daily before boarding the underground.

3)  The fact that I’m about to call my parents to explain that the 90 GBP missing from my dad’s account went toward flight tickets to Rome and Vienna.  After booking two more flights tomorrow night – my spring break plans will be set.  :)


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