Spring break

I am excited.  Just finished buying tickets tonight for a ten and one half day trip around Europe just before the ides of April.  

First up is Barcelona.  True, I know almost nothing about the place (other than that the city hosted the 1992 summer games, and currently has a good football team), but past visitors have told me good things (hearsay is admissible in the case of excited utterance, right?). From there it’s off to

Rome.  Yes, it’s Caesar, but Cicero just isn’t photogenic.  I crawled around Google Images.  It wasn’t pretty.  There are, of course, a variety of well-known sights scattered around Rome.  I will probably see one or two, get tired of tourism, wander off into a side alley in search of the “real Italy”, get mugged, and wish I had studied judo last semester at Iowa.  Which means I won’t need to check any baggage for my flight to Vienna.

Already on repeat. Total flight cost: GBP 240.  Add in some cheap hostels and 0 C tested sleeping bags, and you’ve got a European vacation.


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