Mushroom bread

Looking out the bus window at sights flying by, the white lights and friendly shadows of angular architecture, 1.00 am, a little intoxicated, surrounded by bodies isn’t how I thought I’d see London.   The bus failed to take us to our door.  Instead there was a walk, across a bridge, then beside a park, and a drizzle began, laying dots on the sidewalk, swift pebbles on the foliage.  My first ever look at Big Ben came with my neck arching up at illuminated clock faces against the still of night.  I was standing across the street, forming a tall triangle with the base and peak of the icon.  It was a sight that literally made one pause.

In other exciting news, while I was making dinner tonight someone actually asked me if I cook “a lot”, apparently because I make interesting dishes.  Normally I keep reticent toward my incipient culinary prodigiousness, but this was seriously delicious.  Mushroom concoction made by cooking garlic in butter, then adding sausage, red onion, and sliced white mushrooms, pouring in some Merlot and olive oil for body, and finally throwing in touches of shredded cheese, lemon pepper, and salt and letting the mixture reduce.  I then toasted bread and spread the mushroomy blend on top, pouring the extra juices over (you know how delicious toasted bread soaked in juice is).

The result –


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