Reaganomics & assorted

1.  I was just thinking, I’m about a fourth of the way dead.  And you know what, the last fourth probably won’t be that fun (e.g. I might reconsider Nozick’s experience machine).  So I’d better make the middle half really [insert adjective indicative of your values system here].

2.  I should lie/hyperbolize more.  Why?  It’s more fun.  I don’t know where I got the habit of avoiding those two usages of speech.  (Actually I have two hypotheses: one rhymes with “Reaganomics farticles” and the other rhymes with “paw urinals“.)

3.  Tomorrow I’m meeting with the director of choirs and ensembles at London Met.  Turns out the main choir is looking for a piano accompanist!  Will it be me?  Either way I’ll soon touch my first piano in London.

4.  I added some extensions to Google Chrome today and am now ready to rule the world.


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