Options for Things to Look At During London Public Transit Advertisements

If it tastes like Brie

Shit, I thought.  When will this ringing stop? Then I remembered some things which happened during the night and in the darkness found a pen and jotted something down on a receipt lying on the night stand. Next year should be a good year.  I’m excited for classes, research, activities around school. Living.  As I … Continue reading

26.3.10 un día

I remember waking up this morning with the thought, why I did I set my phone alarm to 9am? Ahhhh yeah, breakfast closes down at 9:30am.  (And it does take you more or less twenty-five minutes to trek the fifty feet from your room to the kitchen, down the flight of stairs, the ugly colored … Continue reading

Browsing Marlow

I’m liking the work of Peter Marlow (who, let’s avoid confusion, did not shoot the photo above). From an interview, about finding his voice– I was finding that what fascinated me, for example, was being on a train journey, just looking out of the window and being mesmerised by the things passing by, not necessarily … Continue reading

Our giant marlins

I was walking home.  All along the sidewalk were black iron fences that stretched on and on and behind the iron fences were stone buildings and behind the buildings was purple sky cut into patches by black clouds above and the silhouettes of classical design below.  There was grass and once in a while where … Continue reading