Browsing Marlow

Venice Beach Rock Festival, 1968, Dennis Stock

I’m liking the work of Peter Marlow (who, let’s avoid confusion, did not shoot the photo above). From an interview, about finding his voice–

I was finding that what fascinated me, for example, was being on a train journey, just looking out of the window and being mesmerised by the things passing by, not necessarily the things that were happening, but just the everyday space between events.  I realised that this is what I should be looking for.

He spent six years in Liverpool shooting “the everyday spaces between events” before he found what he was looking for.  Here is a link to Marlow’s web page.  (Go to photographs | portfolios | somebody for a great shot of Kevin Spacey holding a teacup :)  I think I’m becoming infected with his concept of square composition.

One Response to “Browsing Marlow”
  1. Sukriti says:

    Please post about Istanbul, already. I’ve checked your blogs so many times today you’ll start thinking you have a cult following!

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