Options for Things to Look At During London Public Transit


:. shoes
:. the ground
:. blank stare
:. adverts (see exception)
:. pets
:. your hands
:. your reading materials
:. generally, anything that belongs to you, or is you (see exceptions)
:. somebody looking at you in a not acceptable manner

Not Acceptable

:. somebody’s chest, mouth, crotch, or butt (see exception)
:. somebody’s face (prolonged)
:. somebody’s girlfriend


:. your own crotch
:. your reflection
:. babies
:. adverts of men using shower gel
:. somebody’s butt (escalator)
:. somebody’s face (brief glance)
:. somebody’s boyfriend

Having spent two nights studying at the Royal Festival Hall: a venue remarkably conducive to study given the stream of babble reflecting off the tall white walls and up and down the open-face stairwells.  45 minutes of textbook reading gets me about nine or ten pages, with good notes.  So, you figure–

1 semester x 5 classes x 400 pages of reading per semester-class x 1/15 weeks x 1 week/5 nights of studying x 45 minutes of reading/10 pages =

120 minutes of reading averaged over 5 nights each week.  Would result in my reading and taking notes on all assigned reading, assuming 400 pages per class (suppose that time spent in non-reading intensive classes is roughly equivalent).  Given that in an average semester I try to do 1/4 of the reading for 1/2 of my classes, and basically fail at that, my previous study habits seem pretty, I don’t know, bad.

On to the future!


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