Cartesian dream 2002

The deafening noise of the underground train was the perfect mask for the fact that its passengers, seated, standing, their noses in the evening paper, white earphones plugged in, were always completely silent to one another.  On a normal day Levin, like anyone else, absorbed this event like any other, merging it into the cacophonous … Continue reading

Web links

Your e-mail took me away from a multimillion dollar agreement I’m working on, so if I have to stop what I’m doing to view and respond to an e-mail, then I have to charge you. – Anonymous lawyer to businesswoman Jennifer Walzer on why he billed her $60 for a courtesy eight-word email. (original story) … Continue reading

Some thoughts on Macedonia

True, I am not well versed in the Macedonian name conflict. But this Economist article is troubling for several reasons. For one, there is no “northern Greek province that bears that name [Macedonia]”.  Three Greek peripheries do, however, incorporate the word “Macedonia” as part of their names, as of 1987. I am also disturbed by … Continue reading


“80% of companies use, (or are planning to use), LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees in the course of this year.” This seems incredible, so I am looking for reasons to disbelieve that statement.  Extremely poor use of commas could do it…

Mankiw, thank you for making parenthetical notes about yourself in your textbook

Why do Harvard kids head to Wall Street? (Ezra Klein) Opinion and Discussion about the future of R. (The Julia Group/AnnMaria) When at eight-twenty on Thursday morning my phone alarm played the purposely annoying music to which I start each morning, I made the executive decision of making it a ‘sleep in’ day.  I had … Continue reading