The Emerald City


Back in the USA, familiarity feels strange.  After “minding the gap” and living in a human ash cloud for four months, and hammering certain habits of living into the copper score of my brain, the old cues are confusing.  There is the old scent of the Iowa outdoors.  The bed, blinds and desk stand as … Continue reading

First floor

The nice thing about living on the first floor is, you can tap your toes to music. And by tap, I mean stomp the shit out of the floor. Shit yeah!

Math class

Something interesting happened in math class today.  Straight off Mrs Lorensen rapped the board and called, “Attention, everyone!  We’re going to collect homework.”  Ralph looked my way while the other kids rummaged through their bags and I knew he’d forgotten again.  He sat there without moving.  I wonder what he thought about.  Mrs Lorensen’s shoes … Continue reading

Merkel: Cynophobe

This is awesome: I don’t know where I stand on Mother’s Day.  On the one hand, it’s a nice symbolic commemoration of the hard work and sacrifice mothers perform on behalf of their children.  On the other, sometimes it feels more like Adopted Child of Two Gay Dads’ Awareness Day.