3.06 trillion

As of end-June 2005, the deposits of the RCCs [rural credit cooperatives] throughout the country totaled RMB 3.06 trillion. (source — CBRC) The amount of (legal) microcredit available in China appears to be mindblowing. Advertisements

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Good God.

Misleading measurements

Earlier this year, D.C. teachers negotiated a merit based salary schedule. The contract they agreed on uses criteria such as improvement in student test scores to determine pay raises for teachers.  Monitoring year-end outcomes has long been a popular strategy for improving the performance of our schools.  The idea is that if teachers (or schools) … Continue reading

The metaphysics of “not”

On a summer’s day made for a perspiring glass of Coke on the rocks, sitting again on the slope of an old knoll will bring stirrings of familiarity.  This sensation — stirring, I called it — comes from a movement, a shift from unawareness to awareness.  It is like waking from sleep.  A human being, … Continue reading