Political Economy 101

Fact — inflation is a source of revenue for governments.  The reasoning is easy. Governments raise money by auctioning bonds in their own currency.  These bonds are a promise from the government to pay X amount to the bondholder at some point in the future. But inflation makes money, e.g. U.S. dollars, worth less in … Continue reading

Ways to exit a church

This is not a post about religion or the Inquisition.  Nor about a falling-out with religion (that is, “ways to leave the church”).  Rather, there is a symbolic wall that buildings have which coexists in space with their physical walls, and which divides into two minds the man who is outside and one who is … Continue reading

Home :)

The iron sky

While eastbound: this has been a dire week in reading.  It looks like we have the helium apocalypse, antibiotic apocalypse, and national debt apocalypse coming up, all in the next fifteen years.  Not to mention that little problem with energy resources… It has, however, been a pleasant week of living.  I put all my rubbish … Continue reading

And you thought math would never be useful

https://self-evident.org/?p=840 In other news.  Moving in, part one: