The navel of the world

Nice little article about the effectiveness of Bolsa Familia in Brasil.  Funny how now that I’m vacationing in Cusco, I get the hankering to peruse The Economist et al again; whereas while I was actually doing social work in Trujillo, news and analysis of other goings-on never seemed relevant.

After some early morning lost-baggage drama which fortunately reached a denoument by five, my dad and I caught the before sunrise flight from Lima to Cusco.  First thoughts:

  1. Cusco = tourists pouring forth from endless hole in the wall souvenir shops.  It’s really nothing like the Peru I had known before.
  2. Staying in a proper hotel = a nice hot shower in your private bathroom.  For once I didn’t feel like I was standing under a leaking maintenance pipe in the dead of winter.  One of the perks of traveling with dad.
  3. The cathedral here is the most pimped out basilica I have ever seen.  Little bits of cultural fusion are always fun, like having a guinea pig (local cuisine) on the center plate of the last dinner fresco.
  4. Prices to make a man miss good old Trujillo.

Looking forward to some early mornings…


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