“I must quit eating potatoes.”

Here is a line I still recall from time to time, having read it as a boy in a baseball novel bearing the title Schoolboy Johnson.  The context is that the old pitcher happens to see the young upstart flirting with some girls, and having let himself go, remembers he rues his stomach shape.  This idea could (conceivably) follow any of many forking paths — for our old boy, whose self control fails him, it is a sporadic tax on his self esteem.

A few more ideas (their egocentrism is happenstance) —

“I must quit dreading confrontation.”

“I have been wronged, therefore I will wrong.”

“I am the rightful heir to x.”

“I like Ike.”

The sliver of truth which sends me shivers is the suggestibility of one to oneself.  You can tell yourself something, and apply repetition in stead of defense or inspiration, and there we have it — “inception”.

“What’s the most resilient parasite?  An idea…”  Props, Leo — I really liked you in this one.


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