A film-maker and a professional

The season is fall, it’s the weekend, and homework calls.  Recruiters are here.  Students with “practical” majors have career aspirations on their minds.  I like to think that economics sits on the line dividing the two classes.  We, the students of the discipline, do aim to be professionals at last.  But in character with the … Continue reading

Linear Algebra Blues


  How I feel going into this linear algebra test.  (I know, I know, it’s just linear algebra.)

Dude, make a left

A drunk driver’s very dangerous.  Everybody knows that–but so is a drunk backseat driver, if he’s persuasive. –Dude, make a left. –Those are trees. –Trust me. —Demetri Martin Think of your life as a car.  You want to keep control of it.  Yet, when advice is offered, it invariably enters the labyrinths of your mind … Continue reading