Dude, make a left

A drunk driver’s very dangerous.  Everybody knows that–but so is a drunk backseat driver, if he’s persuasive.

–Dude, make a left.
–Those are trees.
–Trust me.

Demetri Martin

Think of your life as a car.  You want to keep control of it.  Yet, when advice is offered, it invariably enters the labyrinths of your mind in some dimension.  Maybe you try to keep it out, maybe you don’t, but either way, it’s there.  Then when you make a decision, all these backseat drivers are there with you.

But sometimes you directly choose to be influenced.  After all, you aren’t free of errors.  Someone else could catch that blind spot.  Or maybe you want something that can only come from outside of you: new ideas, fresh experiences.  Or maybe you are forced into the situation, like a layman consulting an attorney, a politician reading an economist’s tax analysis.

Clearly you cannot avoid these backseat drivers.  But when you can choose them, you choose judiciously.  Except when coalescing into the organism of a mob, because then you select your backseat drivers by their relative degree of rowdiness or drunkenness.  And you ask them to persuade you.


The topic of the day in political science class.


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