Judy, Barbara and Glee

Both the Streisand/Garland original and the Glee remake make me really happy.  I need to send this to some friends of mine.

Experiencing emotional drivel music reminds me of the adage, you are what you practice.  I think about the unique social groups I have enjoyed my life which were centered around playing piano, singing, volunteering. A couple of books I have read point out that a doctor is “always useful” because of his training in human compassion.  In reaction to a terrible family scandal, Dr. Alberto de Quinteros

put a pile of Albinoni, Vivaldi, and Scarlatti records on the turntable…  He did not feel horrified or indignant or unduly surprised.  He noted in himself, rather, a hidden emotion, an invincible benevolence, mingled with tenderness and pity, as he said to himself that it was now blindingly clear why such a pretty girl had suddenly decided to marry an idiot. [1]

Milton Friedman famously lamented that even though he could demonstrate the conflicts of interest inherent in socialism, popular society never would have adopted his viewpoints if not for the worldwide experience of the decline and fall of the Soviet Union.

[1] Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, M. V. Llosa (38)


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