Every Fiber

Where we first went wrong was the scenery.   No one ever wrote a masterpiece in a room with bad vibrations, a space where you don’t feel cool and comfortable and connected to the wood you sit on, the plastic barrel and steel tip of the pen; where the air is stale.  And that was our exhale.  We rode the Escher escalator in a metropolis of harried gray space creatures.

Kofi loses his patience from time to time.  We are a population with everything at our fingertips, he says.  We have personal computers, clean water, libraries on the internet, electric cars, robot maids, jet packs, nuclear weapons.  Everything except the time to study statistics, it would seem.

And me.  The world is bigger, more exciting, more ancient, more learned, more jaded, more humane than I or anyone I know.  I have my first cup of coffee and I say, today is just so possible.  It holds so much possibility for wonder. [1]

[1] John Mayer


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