Class & Shambles

Here we are, in the middle of a week packed end to end with assignments and activities.  But this happens all too frequently in our modern life.

Over the weekend I got treated by a visit by two very good old friends — not too far removed in geography or time, but it’s always good news bears to see people.  I think everyone had a great time, really letting loose in the short lived eye of a tempest of schoolwork.  One night was as festive as the next and even when I was pulling out my hair writing that game theory paper last night, there were no regrets about spending the lion’s share of the weekend in entertainment and small adventures.

Writing this paper was one of the most difficult things I have done at college.  All the factors were against my success, my own ineptitude and poor balance of six academic variables at the head of phalanx.  I would think about my chosen topic from one angle, then another, and a third, and never did I feel like the conceptual nexus of the dynamic game of network effects was firmly held in my mind.  It’s frustrating when this kind of intellectual barrenness strikes.  In my mind the analogy is a football match which starts off all wrong — when there is no communication or creativity and your club is in shambles, simply letting the other side dictate play.  Yeah, sometimes this happens.  All you can do is try to summon up deep motives of pride or insistence and try to reset, again and again, to show your class, to turn the game around at the eightieth minute and make your person known.

“Far greater players than you have bled for that shirt.”


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