The discipline of Adam Smith

By running up all the different virtues too to this one species of propriety, Epicurus indulged in a propensity which is natural to all men, but which philosophers in particular are apt to cultivate with a peculiar fondness, as the great means of displaying their ingenuity, the propensity to account for all appearances from as … Continue reading

Memed, My Hawk

plane tree [photo credit unavailable]

I was leaning easily against a tall, cream-colored column when Chris Abani spoke to a writing class at the University of Iowa. This was a year and a half ago, so my memories are like a book of old photos, all faded colors and lens flares. I remember clearly, though, a rich discussion of the … Continue reading

The metaphysics of “not”

On a summer’s day made for a perspiring glass of Coke on the rocks, sitting again on the slope of an old knoll will bring stirrings of familiarity.  This sensation — stirring, I called it — comes from a movement, a shift from unawareness to awareness.  It is like waking from sleep.  A human being, … Continue reading

Mankiw, thank you for making parenthetical notes about yourself in your textbook

Why do Harvard kids head to Wall Street? (Ezra Klein) Opinion and Discussion about the future of R. (The Julia Group/AnnMaria) When at eight-twenty on Thursday morning my phone alarm played the purposely annoying music to which I start each morning, I made the executive decision of making it a ‘sleep in’ day.  I had … Continue reading

Carlson on Derrida

I just saw an review for Derrida for Beginners bearing in bold black text the title, “Breaks the hymen of the virgin reader”.  Really?  Was that really necessary, Lee Carlson (REAL NAME)?