The discipline of Adam Smith

By running up all the different virtues too to this one species of propriety, Epicurus indulged in a propensity which is natural to all men, but which philosophers in particular are apt to cultivate with a peculiar fondness, as the great means of displaying their ingenuity, the propensity to account for all appearances from as … Continue reading

unemployment, exhibit A, Germany

You can search “unemployment in Germany” on Google.  (Big up for returning a nice time series plot.)  A comparison with unemployment in the UK — The uptick in German unemployment from the ’08 crisis was pretty much a blip.  You often hear this attributed to “strong exports”, the “weak euro”, etc. but economic policy was … Continue reading

Location, Location, Location

The large majority of publications in economics journals consists of single-country studies.  Using data from the top five general-interest economics journals from 2000-2006, Stefan Dercon finds that 63% of articles were written about the US, 12% about the UK, less than 2% each about China and India, and 1.8% for all of sub-Saharan Africa. Tyler … Continue reading