Bing just reminds me of Chandler Bing

The Imperial War Museum in London is great.  You can stick your head in the cabins of refurbished tanks and wonder how six men could ever fit in there, let alone steer the things, aim guns and operate communications equipment.  You can read about the hard process of designing big canons, building them with your … Continue reading

The Library of Babel

Funny how, passing through the prism of time, literature becomes the image of life.  Here is a summary of what I remember of “The Library of Babel” (Borges) — in an enormous library is contained a very large, finite (or perhaps infinite) number of 400 page books on whose pages are printed all the possible … Continue reading


Mankiw, thank you for making parenthetical notes about yourself in your textbook

Why do Harvard kids head to Wall Street? (Ezra Klein) Opinion and Discussion about the future of R. (The Julia Group/AnnMaria) When at eight-twenty on Thursday morning my phone alarm played the purposely annoying music to which I start each morning, I made the executive decision of making it a ‘sleep in’ day.  I had … Continue reading

Keep your hands by your side

Music is THE BEST. Also very exciting is when you see (1) in your Google Reader.  Oh, simple things. Went to Canterbury today, and I can’t say I loved the town too much minus the guided tour of the cathedral, which was a great way to pass an hour and a half.  You have to … Continue reading